Graham Ross: One Small Step


I “met” Graham Ross on Twitter (@GrahamHRoss) just as he was completing his graduate degree at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. There was already a teaser and some stills of his animation work on his blog, but it was only about a month ago that I finally got to see the final product of this very impressive short. Working solo and  making a short animated film like this is quite an undertaking. I am very pleased to feature Graham’s work on this blog.

GRoss_picture_small“The origin of the idea is hard to pinpoint.  I was looking for something that took place in one set with one character.  Since it was my sole responsibility to complete the film I had to really simplify things, so complicated texturing and huge sets were out immediately.  I think since I was young I’d always been interested in macro photography and seeing everyday objects from a different perspective.  So, everything just kind of fell into place!
It took me about two years to complete.  I used mostly Maya but for finishing I used Flash, After Effects and Premiere.”

Please check it out and leave a comment. As you know, feedback is greatly appreciated. In addition, Graham has been kind enough to include his making-of steps (concept sketch, storyboard, test render, etc.) on his blog for this project — a great source of information for anybody interested in the animation process:

For further info on animator-director Graham Ross:

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Tuesday, June 30th, 2009. Filed under: 3D animation Short Film

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